spring sports update

Spring Sports Update: 2013 Season

CCHS Spring Sports update: This year, I will be posting weekly the dates, of game for each team I will be taking action photos at. This will allow me to spread out my talent of capturing action sports photos of many different team. I will also be accepting pregame request of photographing specific sports/ games/ or players. This is only through the month of march, as I will have to block off days to do this work, any requests after march will be meet, within the confinement of my work schedule.

Please when making a request, provide me with all of the needed information in order to prevent any miss understanding of the job being hired for.

Special Request information:

Name, e-mail, phone number, player number, sports team and level (very important)

What types of photos would you like? just action photos or a mix of emotion action and shots with teammates (these require multiple games)

The pre ordering of photos is $45 and give you the option of multiple print options in the package, depending on your wants or needs.