Over the past few weeks I have been working on my packages and print prices.  I know many of you are saying that o, I can go print that at the nearest CVS for less than a $1 a print.  Well when it comes to great prints, it takes a trained eye, and that does not come from just using any old Digital Camera.  I use a Nikon DSLR.  Well you also might add what kind of camera is that.  Well I will tell you.  This camera unlike most  “normal digital camera” (point and shoots) has interchangeable lenses, which allows for the photographer, to match the perfect lenses with their camera for the perfect picture.

With this in mind, I am offering a special deal to parents for their Child”s next Birthday party.

For $50: you get 2 hours of photography coverage, including images of the Child opening presents, blowing out the cake, group picture(s), The cake before it is cut.  Following the party, I will put together a slide show of all the images that were take, with an option of buying extras or suggesting the guest buy the slide show.