Pricing Specials

Pricing Specials: Sports 2012-2013 Winter Seasons

Pricing Specials during the 2012 – 2013 Sports Season: Winter

— 5 (4×6) prints for $20 a savings of $5

— $65 digital image special: 5 (4×6) prints and digital copies of each print for use on Facebook or Blog (copyright agreement contains license agreement)

— Digital images available on request only

— save when you purchase multiple prints (different images) and digital copies come at a significant savings

All digital images come with watermark on them, with a copyright agreement.

Images cannot be reproduced, changed, cropped, manipulated and digital images may not have the watermark removed from them, sent to any 3rd party, as stated on the full copyright agreement.

Boys and Girls 2012-2013 Basketball Action Photos: Samples

Jakobsche_20130104-9642                              33                     jakobsche_20130104-9433

jakobsche_20130205-2809                 Jakobsche_130212-3092                       jakobsche_20130108-9990