Lacrosse game action Photos

Lacrosse game Action Photos

Lacrosse game Action Photos for the Girls JV Lacrosse game played at CCHS on Friday April 26, won by the CCHS team 15-4 and the Boys Freshmen Lacrosse game on Monday, April 29 won by Lincoln Sudbury in Overtime.

I am in the process of looking through the over 300 Lacrosse game action photos from each game, and picking out the best photos. As always, I only select some images for my website. All photos are available for purchase as prints with digital copies available ONLY with the purchase of 5 or more prints (digital photos will be the same as the prints).

The art of correcting photos to look good both by print and on the computer takes time and patients and can not be done in a short period of time for a large collection of photos. This is especially true when if comes to action sports photos. There are many factors that you are looking for in a photos that do not always present themselves.