Job/ Job search continue

I have one job, then there is my business that I am trying to start up.  That is not doing too well…….

I am looking for a good more full time weekday job, that will bring in more income than my current part-time photography job.  Not sure what to do about this situation.  There do not seem to be many options, but I am trying and even thinking about getting some more experience in Wedding photography.  That could be good money for a few weekends here and there in the summer and fall, but that is for the experience and maybe a few portfolio pieces as to show family/friends if they want me to do the photography.

As for some people, I will only do it if I get a little bit of money for the gig.  Especially for a brother of mine….. Not that I would want to do the photography, but I would recommend that he either find someone or hire me and pay enough for an assistant, along with a little for prints.  Mostly just to cover cost.  The advantage of this is that they will get a really nice wedding present.

Friends get a discount and a nice wedding present delivered after the wedding (aka a photo w/frame from the wedding) well that would be something that they might normally want to buy.

Family as I said is a different story.  Depends on who it is and what the situation is.


More later, no time to continue to rant now.


Missy Jakobsche

Freelance Photographer