Frustration on the job front

To those who read,

I have been a fan of looking up jobs on Craigslist for a long time.  I have posted my resume multiple times and I have gotten some short term employment from this.  The one thing that I do find frustrating is that sometimes, people will reply to a resume that I post, but will not give any details on what type of job it is or where the location is or even a website I can look at to know more about who I am going to be talking to.

I think that most people do not know how to respond to e-mails, resume’s being posted or anything…. They expect people to be mind readers.


Let me make this clear, I am NOT a MIND READER and for what ever reason you may think that I am or anyone else is, beyond my help.


This entry will not be read by anyone, lets hope.


Although this is not all, I have done some training and am looking forward to earning some money from this photography job, not sure how long it will last but it will be a good start to getting more “training” and another perspective on how to do photography portraits, for kids and sports teams.