Freelance web work

Applied for a freelance web updating job from this week.  I got the position and have already worked over 6 hours for the job so far.  The work is very interesting, and is forcing me to go back to my roots of going through the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and knowing how everything has been coded into the site design already and following those same guidelines as I am updating.

I am also learning how to code using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in ways that I have not learned or seen before, and therefore I am forced to learn on the job, which is not always a bad thing.  Sometimes the best way to learn how to do something and having it suggested to you and having to learn the best way to implement the final product.

There is no sense being stuck with just the knowledge that we already have, the way to improve and to gain more skills is to learn them, be that on the job, or in school or teaching your self through online tutorials or through the help of friends.

There never is a bad time to learn something new.