Discounted events to build portfolio

Discounted Events Portfolio Builder Summer 2019 to Winter 2019

Book the Event session before Aug 31, 2019; the event date can be any time before the end of the year Dec 31, 2019

You will get about 20-photos/ hour of event coverage that will be used in the following ways. (Note: photos will not be shown in all places. Multiple Facebook albums will be used in the case of specific types of photos being captured, speakers, candid, posed, etc..)

    1. 1.) Facebook in a shareable album that will be tagged with the photographer’s information to be shared with friends and family
    1. 2.) Photography website in two ways: one or more blog posts, and in the portfolio section that displays the photographers work for future clients.
    1. 3.) Tumblr post series (multiple posts)
    1. 4.) Pinterest post/pins dedicated to specific photos into specific albums/categories
    1. 5.) Links to all of these locations will be used to drive traffic to the photographer’s website to generate more photography clients
    1. 6.) Other social media outlets might be used
    1. 7.) LinkedIn – post and listed as a project with a link to one or multiple websites (examples of photo work done on the project/event)

    Pay for the event coverage will vary from $350-$750, and the pay is largely based on how long of an event it is and the location of the event.

Tiny Event (1-2 hours) (Facebook gallery): $750 discounted to ($350-$400)

Small Event (1-4 hours) (Facebook gallery): $1,200 discounted to ($350-$550)

Half-Day max 6 hours (Facebook gallery): $1,500 discounted to ($550-$750)

Bonus, if you are interested in getting additional photo discounts on future events, you can re-tweet, re-post and share or write a review, you will get a discount on future events booked

*** Please note: discounts only can be used on a percentage of the total purchase

contact the photographer for more details