Concord-Carlisle Spring Sports: photography end of April

Concord-Carlisle Spring Sports

Photography for the end of April

Concord-Carlisle Spring Sports
I am going to make the effort to attendant as many games as possible. I highly encourage anyone thinking purchasing photos this spring to contact me ahead of time, so plans can be made to photography your athlete in the heat of the action.

I will try and post the dates and game I will be attending a week or more in advance. This however does not guarantee that I will be at the game for the entire time. I have the tendency to go to multiple game on any given day.

Some photos from each sport will be shown online. All photos will not be posted. Anyone wishing to purchase prints, should contact me directly, and inquire or request photographs to be taken at a game this spring. Make sure when contacting me that you give as much detail as you can, including team, team level (ex. freshmen softball, or boys JV lacrosse), position (especially important in baseball and softball for getting fielding shots in addition to batting), and player number (very, very critical for me to have this as it is the only way I have to identify your student athlete; this is very important, that I must have in order to complete any requests or when searching through my photo archives.