CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball: Feb. 12, 2013

CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball

CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball was one such game that at times you could not watch, or look at the score board, because you would not know what kind of a score it would be or who was the team that could possibly be winning at that time. One such time was at the end of each quarter, except for the first 4 or so minutes of the game, when the CCHS Girls Varsity team could do no wrong, getting every basket that was shot. When such events happen, you think that a game is under control…. Well as with the remaining parts of the game, it was very much the opposite of that, nobody was in control at all. With a score of 16-11 after 1st, this game could not have gotten much better. At least one might think that it could only get better from this point forward, well everyone was wrong. Wow, this was not at all an easy game to watch, at every second look the game was tie or one team was only up by a basket, to have the next second, be a tie game again. Going into each of the remaining quarters, including the end of regulation, the game was tied at: 22-22 at half; 31-31 end of 3rd; and 46-46 after regulation. In all there effort, the cchs girls varsity team could not get the rhythm in the 2nd half or in overtime to win against this Weston team. Things did not get any better in the 4 minutes of overtime, resulting in a 48-54 overtime loss.


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