CCHS Girls Varsity Basketball December 12, 2014

CCHS girls varsity Basketball December 12, 2014

The CCHS girls varsity Basketball December 12, 2014 game, interesting on how this game was played, and the outcome. Not what I wanted, but things got out of hand in the last few minutes of the game. The CCHS team pushed hard in this one, down for all of the first half, and competing hard to gain the lead in the third and hold into the forth. This is where things get interesting. The Boston Latin team just as competitive as the CCHS team caught up and tied the game, with minutes to go in the game. Not what you want to happen, and in the end the girls CCHS varsity team did not have enough time to win this one.

Just one game in, and you can see how competitive this team is. The key to victory is to start strong and end with that same strength.