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Missy Jakobsche is a Young Creative Professional Photographer. She has been a photographer for over 7 years, and within that time frame has gained experience working with both children and adults of all ages. The highlight of Missy’s photography skills is her ability to capture the expression of love from any child, and the peak action of fast paced sports games.

This could be from a school portrait, or a sports photo with teammates, or even the accomplishment of getting a player in the peak of there slam dunk when playing basketball.  Missy is up for the task, does not matter how hard the challenge is.

Contacting Missy, for any photography or photo editing job you might need help with.  She is more than willing to test her knowledge in various areas of photography, including: Events, Headshots for Profiles, Portraits, Family reunions, Birthday Parties, sports, weddings (elopement, second shooting or assisting ONLY), architecture and more.

Photography Experience:

Youth sport portrait and group photography for 7 years
• Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Football and Cheer (7 years);
• Basketball (5 years);
• Lacrosse (3 years),
• Hockey (2+ years);
• Dance portrait photographer for (2 years) (This including doing some jumps and capturing the dancer in the air on a backdrop with multiple studio lighting setup) (Group photos both small classes and large groups, all on a backdrop with single studio light)
• School picture day photographer for 3+ years
• Individual and sibling portraits, (4 years)
• class photos (4 years)

Action sports photographer for 8 years
• Basketball (6 seasons High School),
• Lacrosse (3+ seasons High School),
• Soccer (only a few photos High School),
• Baseball (2 seasons High School), (College Summer Baseball team)
• Softball (2 seasons High School),
• Field Hockey (1 season High School),
• Wrestling (1 season High School)
• Football (2 games High School)
• Hockey (AHL Providence Bruin’s), (youth teams), (women’s hockey – college)
• Action Dance photos (2+ months)

Missy Jakobsche
Willing to travel around New England, and to other states to create photos.

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